What Nabil uses

Tools I use to be productive, all around.


  • I currently use a PC I built myself. You can find the whole thing on PCPartPicker.
  • I use two monitors, a 21.5" Dell P2214H and a 24" Acer VG240Y S.
  • I use a repurposed computer table I had lying around the house. I plan on making a desk with a countertop similar to IKEA's ALEX desks.
  • The keyboard is a TKL Redragon K552 RGB for that sweet "throw" distance to the mouse.
  • Mouse is a Logitech G502 HERO.

Editor + Terminal 👨‍💻

  • Visual Studio Code is my current editor. I switched to it back in 2018.
  • I'm using Horizon as my main theme and sometimes switch to Noctis High Contrast. My favourite editor fonts are Space Mono and FiraCode.
  • Firefox is my main browser. I use Firefox Nightly and Edge for development and testing.
  • Windows Terminal is my terminal of choice with Oh My Posh!.

Productivity 💪

  • Notion is my main editorial app. Blog post drafts, to-do, and channel-related stuff.
  • Trello for project management.
  • Google Calendar and Tasks for all calendar and todo stuff

Anything else? Probably have a bash/node script for it.

Desktop Apps

  • Firefox (Personal)
  • Microsoft Edge (Work)
  • Notion
  • Google Calendar
  • Thunderbird
  • NordVPN + Cloudflare WARP
  • Spotify
  • Discord

Browser Extensions

  • NoScript
  • Privacy Badger
  • Search by Image
  • Sidebery
  • Stylus
  • Tabliss

Recording + Editing 📹

  • OBS to record any and all videos.
  • Streamlabs OBS for live streams.
  • Davinci Resolve for video editing.
  • Adobe Audition Pro for audio recording and editing.
  • Figma is my preferred design tool for everything.