I discovered code at about 12 and fell in love with it...

I always had a passion for computers and have always preferred to spend time tinkering with computers instead of other activities. But when we had to learn VBasic at school, it blew my mind.

In 2018 I enrolled in the B.Sc. program at Cairo University. I created a public community for students, and was the lead in every project/coding team created then.

I then completed an internship at Unplugged Web Solutions during the summer of my 1st year. I worked on an online-payment solution and learned how to work with React at scale. I quickly became the lead of the interns team.

I spent 6 months during COVID tinkering around with different technologies, and this is when my content creation really flourished.

I began my career at Acute Business during the summer of my 3rd year. I worked with cutting edge technology to bring a complicated, old learning management system to life. During the rest of that summer I would single-handedly build the user interface and component library for that project. This was a major accomplishment for me as I had never used React for proprietary code until this point.

I led a team of 5 developers through our graduation project to an A+. I assumed the roles of the project manager, product owner, and lead developer back then. This project included a lot of technical stuff, from frontend and game development, all the way to networking.

In September of 2021 I joined Robusta Technology Group (formerly known as Robusta Studio). I carried out the activities in a volatile, agile environment during my final year of university.

Upon completing my university journey I enrolled in mandatory military service, and was still working at Robusta. I focused on creating valuable content in the little time I had, but mostly failed.

In January of 2024 I moved from Robusta to Tangent. My story is yet to be continued.